Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bear Mountain, Sedona AZ


Maybe, I will try the blog, again...

Yesterday, friends Patti Kayne, Barb Splendore & I hiked up Bear Mountain in Sedona, AZ.  It was a beautiful, blue sky, sunny day.  It has been unusually cold everywhere ~ Colorado and Arizona, so the hike was especially nice, because the weather was perfect. 

Bear Mountain is a great hike.  Although not a long hike, the elevation gain makes it a great workout.  We walked, took photos and had a great time!  I love being able to hike in SO many different places. 

According to my MotionX-GPS Track we hiked 4.56 miles (total) Minimum altitude ~ 4,522 ft and maximum altitude ~ 6,435 feet!

Dogie Trail to Sycamore Canyon ~ Sedona, AZ

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Hike up Bear Mountain with Patti & Barb

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