Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Hidden Gem ~ Curecanti Creek

     September 11, 2013

Steve & I are on another Lazy Daze motor home trip.  The plan was to spend a week in Creede and Lake City, Colorado.  After watching the weather and seeing how much rain was predicted for the beginning of the week, we decided to change our destination. 

We are staying at Elk Creek Campground on Blue Mesa Reservoir!  Great campground and we have Loop A all to ourselves! 

Today, we decided to hike the Curecanti Creek trail.  Definitely, a great choice!  We were the only ones on the trail.  The trail goes down 800 feet and eventually meets Morrow Point Reservoir.  Beautiful trail, green moss on the rocks, two bridges to cross the creek, waterfalls, bushes covered with rose hips. 

Steve is really starting to take many of the photos with the camera.  I take lots of pictures with my iPhone ~ Instagram.  I have been posting many of those pictures on Facebook.

The only mishap on the trail is when I "propped" my hiking poles on the bridge and one of them proceeded to fall off the bridge down into the creek.  It was quite the adventure climbing down "carefully" to the creek to rescue my pole.  All turned out well and we hiked on down.  We then got caught in quite the downpour.  Then the sun came out and Steve got some great photos of the rain running off all the rocks. 

Lovely day/lovely hike! 

After the hike, we spent time at the trailhead, totally enjoying the incredible views.                       

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

SO many adventures!

OK.  So I haven't kept up with the blog, like I thought I would.  I have been reading many other blogs, lately, and I really do want to try harder to keep a blog of all our travels.  My biggest issue with the blogging "thing" is that you have to sit down to write, and most of you know I have a hard time sitting!

Very briefly, we have had an amazing Spring and Summer of travels and adventures.  ~

The raft trip down the Colorado River in April was just the beginning of many wonderful adventures!

We then flew to Florida in June to pick up daughter, Amanda's car so we could drive it back to Colorado.  We are SO happy that Amanda and Josh decided to move to Colorado.  We now have three of our four kids living close by.

The end of June we flew to New York City to visit our daughter, Rebecca!  A very different type of trip for us, but we had a great time in "the City", seeing all the sights with Rebecca.

We have spent the rest of the summer traveling in our Lazy Daze Class C motor home and/or tent camping and have been to many different places in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.  I know most of you know that I post tons of pictures on Facebook!  I truly am going to try harder to write the blog and post pictures to the blog.  I just need to learn how to post quicker and faster.  I know how to post very quickly to Facebook, so I have chosen the easy way out.

I hope that someday, as Steve & I travel more and more (which is definitely the plan), that I can have a travel blog that people will follow and get to see all the wonderful/special places that we love to go visit!

PS... to all you fellow bloggers out there:  If you have any hints to how to quickly add pictures to your blogs, please share with me!  I need to know!  Thanks!