Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our "new" tax season schedule ~ working and traveling!

Steve & I had another incredible week in Arizona, from February 8-15.  This time, we spent four days at Catalina State Park in Tucson and then the rest of the week we were back at Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction.  We spent time with our friends, the Dallman's in Tucson.  We loved Catalina State Park. We just keep finding more and more beautiful places to camp in the Lazy Daze.  It is a funny dilemma ~ the more places we find to hike and bike and explore, the more time we wish we had to go to all these great places.  And... then there are all the new places we still wish to discover!

Steve has discovered that he really can work from anywhere.  As long as we have good cell phone service, he can use the computer, answer the phone, check his emails, etc.  He works part of the day and then we spend the rest of the day hiking or biking.

Now we are back at home in Longmont and it is serious tax season time.  Steve is working long days and getting lots of work done.

 I continue to help him, but I am doing less and less.  Now that clients are mailing their tax work to Steve or coming to the house to hand deliver papers, my "job" has changed a bit.

I am enjoying more time to be able to spend with friends and family.   I still love going to Broomfield to see the grand kids.  Coranelle is starting kindergarten this Fall.  That is SO very hard to believe!!

PS...I use Picasa to post pictures to my blog.  Wow!  There is a big problem with Picasa right now.  The other day, I googled why I wasn't able to post pictures the way I have always been able to do.  I had NO idea it was such an issue/problem for so many people!  I hope they get the problem solved soon.  Meanwhile, most of you see all my pictures on Facebook, so I am sure you have seen more than you want!!!

I am anxious to start writing more about future travels.  We have many trips planned for 2014!

I am anxious for Spring to be here soon.  Today, I bought a large bag of wildflower seeds to plant in the yard.  Yes, I am ready!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

McDowell Mountain Regional Park

Life is Good!

Steve & I have been staying at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, north of Fountain Hills, AZ.  We love it here!  We had NO idea how many mountain bike trails could be in one area.  We have ridden many of the trails.  Today, we probably rode over 20 miles on trails.  Actually, that was the ride we did this afternoon.  I rode this morning while Steve worked.  He is SO happy that he really can work from anywhere these days. "Have computer, printer, FAX machine, etc. and he can work from any place"!  Anyway, we have discovered that we really can move/travel all over the place and he is still able to work, talk on the phone, check his emails, etc.

The weather has been unbelievable!  They keep saying that the temperatures are 10 degrees above normal.  Today, we rode bikes in shorts and T-shirts.  I was warm!

Tonight, after our bike ride, Steve cooked outside and then we ate dinner outside and watched the full moon come over the ridge!  Beautiful!

Tomorrow we are moving to Cave Creek Regional Park to check out the campground there.  Never boring.  There are trails there to hike and bike.