Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rabbit Mountain, Lyons, Colorado

Hall Ranch, Lyons, Colorado

Colorado snowshoe hikes

We do have the best of both worlds.  When we are in Arizona in the Lazy Daze, we get to hike and mountain bike in the desert.  When we are back home in Colorado, we hike and mountain bike in the summer and snowshoe in the winter.  We get to see so many new and diifferent places and sometimes we go back to our favorite places over and over again.  Living in Estes Park for 25 years, we hiked many miles in Rocky Mountain National Park and in Indian Peaks Wilderness.  Now that we live in the "valley" in Longmont, we still spend time in both RMNP and Indian Peaks, but we now also hike closer to home.  We spend quite alot of time hiking around Lyons and Boulder.  

Last weekend, we snowshoed at Hall Ranch in Lyons.  It had snowed quite a lot, so we defintiely needed our snowshoes.  We parked at the Antelope Road trailhead and snowshoed about 6 miles round trip.  It was SO pretty, peacefull, quiet and no other people were out there. We shared the quiet with the deer.  We always see deer when we are at Hall Ranch.  

Today I went to Rabbit Mountain in Lyons.  We enjoy hiking and snowshoeing at Rabbit Mountain.  It is close to our house, easy to get there, lots of parking, beautiful views.  Lots of people go there with their dogs.  Today I hiked out to the Little Thompson overlook.  That trail doesn't seem to be as well used as the other trails.  I was the only one at the overlook. It was another quiet, peaceful, beautiful hike.  

As much as I wish I could be in Arizona these next two months to see all the flowers and cactus blooming, I have to be content to be in beautiful, wintry, Colorado until April 15th.  One of these days we will have the ability to be gone from home more, but until then I will have to be content to spend time being outside wherever we are.....  For now, Colorado is where we will be in the winter.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Picket Post Mountain

Picket Post Mountain

Steve & I hiked to the top of Picket Post Mountain today - Wednesday, February 11th.  This was our "break" day. A relaxing day in the desert!  The book - 60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Phoenix- describes this hike as " difficult".  4.3 miles (total), 1,990 feet elevation gain.  The first part of the hike was easy. Then things get a little harder, steeper, and some scrambling.  It probably isn't a good hike for anyone afraid of heights or slippery slopes!  We were rewarded with great views of Phoenix, Superior, Weavers Needle, etc.  At the  top is a mailbox and a 2 person metal frame bench.  The bench was perfect for a picnic lunch!  

Aravaipa Canyon

Steve & I hiked in Aravaipa Canyon on Monday, February 9th.  We hiked in ankle deep water. Lots of very green vegetation.  We had hiked this canyon before.  You must have a permit to hike in the canyon.  Next time we are going to get a backpacking permit, so we can spend more time in the canyon and have more time to explore some of the side canyons.