Monday, January 18, 2021

Arizona in the Winter ~ 2021

 January in Arizona~ 

We are really enjoying our new home/park model in Canyon Vistas in Gold Canyon, Arizona.  We came back to Arizona on December 29th.  It is hard to believe we have already been here for three weeks.  We feel settled in our new home and are really enjoying everything there is to do here.  So far, January has been beautiful and above normal temperatures.  That is great for us because we can be outside almost all day.  Our new favorite exercise classes are outside in the pool.  We love aqua bike and taquata classes.  They are both in the morning, so then we can enjoy the rest of the day, hiking or biking or listening to music on the patio,  There is live music three afternoons a week.  Everything is different this year.  They limit how many people can be at the grill and on the patio.  We have to wear masks when we are dancing. We are adjusting to all the changes and know that (hopefully) someday things will return to some kind of normal.  We feel so lucky that we can be outside.  We have been able to spend time with Lois.  We have been able to go out with her and eat outside on patios.   We have discovered new hiking trails in and around the Superstitions.  Steve has found bike trails that he can access right from our home.  We are looking forward to doing some more tent camping.  We went to McDowell Mountain Regional Park and camped in our new tent for two nights.  We really enjoyed it, so actually planned to go back this weekend, but there is rain in the forecast ~ Finally!  We don't want to camp in the rain, so have postponed that trip.  I will post some pictures from the past three weeks.


Sunday, December 13, 2020

December, Christmas, Pandemic, Arizona, Colorado, Kids and Grandkids ~ 2020!!!

Wow!  Where do I start with this post?  I haven't written since July.  If you read my prior post, you know we mainly stayed close to home this Summer and Fall and canceled quite a few trips.  We are so very blessed and lucky that we live in such a beautiful place and can hike from our backdoor.  We definitely hiked ALOT this Summer.  Steve rode his mountain bike all around Buena Vista.  There are SO many trails near our house.  

Our biggest news since July:  Rebecca and Antonio married in Perth, Australia on October 13th.  We were able to have a ZOOM wedding!  That was a first!  We are very happy for them and have a new awesome son-in-law.  They are very happy in Australia, and we think they will be there for a while.  We hope that we can go and visit them again sometime in the near future. 

Steve & I bought a park model in Canyon Vistas RV Resort in Gold Canyon, AZ in September.  We were some of "those" people that thought we would never settle in an RV Park in the Winter.  I guess we should never say, "Never"!  We had so many wonderful years of traveling in the Lazy Daze and recently in our Arctic Fox trailer.  Last Winter we decided that moving every two weeks and having to make reservations a year in advance was getting a little old.  ( Especially for Steve, who did all of that).  We have neighbors here in Buena Vista who introduced us to Canyon Vistas.  It is a very active "resort".  There is something to do ALL the time.  We spent three weeks there in October and have already decided it is a great place to be.  We really enjoyed all the classes in the pool, exercise classes in huge rooms where we all wear masks.  The weather was nice enough that we could be outside all day and into the evenings.  We plan to spend time there in the Fall and we will be there from January through March.  

Our sad news for us, but happy news for Stefan, Rachael, and Louisa is that they moved to Sandpoint, ID this weekend.  Stefan got a job working for Litehouse Foods.  They were really ready to get out of the busy Front Range of Colorado.  We were hoping they would move closer to us, but they have landed in Sandpoint.  They will be much farther away.  We already see trips to Idaho in our future.  

Kari, Eric, Eva, Coranelle, and Sheldon are all doing well in Westminster.  Kari is dealing with the struggles of owning a gym in these "trying" times.  All three kids are doing school remotely, which isn't fun.  I pray they can get back to school soon.  

Amanda, Josh, and Linden are still in Frederick, CO.  Linden goes to a Montessori school in Frederick.  Amanda is a teacher and is teaching remotely.  We are ALL looking forward to life getting back to some kind of normal.  

On that note, I will end this post.  We hope you are all healthy and safe.  We are looking forward to 2021.  I will post pictures. The hardest thing for me is scanning through all my hundreds of photos and figuring out which ones to post! 😊