Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Spring in Arizona

We love Spring in the desert.  The last few weeks we have been hiking a lot in and around Gold Canyon.  When we hike nearby, we usually hike in the the Superstition Mountains.  This past weekend we drove up to near Payson and hiked in the Mazatzal Wilderness.  The flowers are really starting to bloom.  The cactus are just beginning to bloom.  We plan to be down here until the end of April, so I am excited to see more cactus blooms this year.  

Work is continuing (slowly) on our new park model/Arizona room addition.  We had hoped it would be done by this month, but now are thinking g it might not be finished until June.  We will go home to BV in May and then will be coming back down in June or July when we can move (down the street) to our new place.  We plan to be back down here for the Winter/Spring.  We will come down in October.  We are so happy that we were able yo have two families come down this year to visit.  Hopefully, they will all come down next year.  💚🌵

We are still so lucky to be so close to Lois.  We try to see her once or twice a week.  It is only a 25 minute drive to her home in Mesa.  It was so neat that she was able to meet two of her great grandchildren when they came to visit.  

Monday, February 28, 2022

Winter & Spring in Arizona ~ 2021/2022

Wow!  How could it possibly be March already??  As you can tell, I am not very good at this blogging thing. How do I catch up from my last blogpost in October?

Steve & I are loving our new Winter home in Gold Canyon, AZ.  We are currently living in a park model and are having a new one built.  The new park model will have an Arizona room with a rooftop deck.  We are very excited.  We will have 360-degree views.  Our views of the Superstition Mountains will be amazing.  We are loving being at Canyon Vistas/Superstition Views.  We love all the classes, activities, live music, dancing, pool classes.  We thought we would really enjoy pickleball, but we haven't had any spare time to "get into" it.  We still hike and mountain bike, but not as much as we used to.  We plan to be here until the end of April and then head back to Buena Vista for the Summer.  

We did go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and were able to see and spend time with all the kids and grandkids.  Stefan, Rachael, and Louisa were here visiting from Idaho for ten days.  It was so much fun introducing them to "Senior Summer Camp".  Josh, Amanda, and Linden will be with us for 4 days in March.  We are looking forward to their visit.  

This weekend we are making a quick trip back to Colorado, so we can visit and catch up with Eric, Kari, Eva, Coranelle, and Sheldon AND Amanda, Josh, and Linden.  We will get our Colorado Winter "fix" and will enjoy being with all our kids.  💓