Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Home in Buena Vista (when we aren't traveling)

How could it have been two months since I wrote a blog post?  Steve & I can't believe how fast the year is flying by ~ We came home from our new Winter home in Gold Canyon, AZ on April 12th.  It is hard to believe we have already been home for a month.  We have been busy at home, planting new seeds and plants in the greenhouse, planting seeds and plants in the outdoor raised bed garden.  When we aren't working around the house and in the yard, we have been able to do some nice hikes and walks.  We have even managed to go to a few yoga classes.  I have been going to Zumba, too.  Steve is working on his new project.  He is building a little "shed" next to the house that will have all the pipes and water lines for the drip irrigation system for the greenhouse and garden.  We found out that because our Winter/Spring temperatures are still so cold and sometimes below freezing that he needed to figure out a way to keep the pipes from freezing while we are away.  We are hoping that this new system will make it so that when we are gone, both the greenhouse and garden will still get watered and we won't have to worry about freezing temperatures.  It all seems complicated to me, but Steve seems to be enjoying his new project.  He always loves projects.  They keep him busy!  

We have many trips planned this Summer.  We are doing a few "makeup" trips that were planned for last Summer that we had to cancel.  Some of the trips involve kids and grandkids.  We are going to Sandpoint, Idaho twice this Summer.  Stefan, Rachael, and Louisa moved there in December and we are excited to be going up to see them.  We are going to Charleston, SC in June with Kari and Coranelle and then to Sanibel, FL with Amanda and Linden.  This Thursday, we fly to Texas to spend time with Steve's brothers and sisters-in-law and visit Rick and Cathy Dill. We have a few camping trips planned in the Arctic Fox trailer.  

We are fully vaccinated and are really looking forward to traveling and spending time with friends and family this Summer.  I will post photos of "life in and around BV".  


Friday, March 12, 2021

Photos from the last few months~

 We are still enjoying Canyon Vistas / Superstition Views.  We are hiking, mountain biking, going to Aqua Cycle and Taquata classes, playing a little pickleball, spending time with Lois, seeing friends.  We have BOTH had two Covid vaccines!  Yay!  We are really looking forward to seeing more friends soon and spending time with family and friends when we go back to Colorado.  We plan to stay here until mid-April.  We had rain this morning.  I love the rain in the desert.  We need lots more!