Sunday, April 19, 2015

Arizona- Reconnecting with great friends!

Steve & I flew down to Arizona on Sunday, April 12th.  We came down to get the Lazy Daze and head back to Colorado. We are really liking this new life!  Our house is in Colorado and we travel in our "house on wheels" - our 1999 Lazy Daze class C motor home.  We have spent most of this week at the campround at Deadhorse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, AZ.  We owned a house here in Cottonwood for 7 years and sold it in 2013.  We loved spending time here, but decided we wanted to travel to more places in the Lazy Daze.  Now we can come back to Cottonwood and spend time with great friends, hiking and biking.  We have had a fantastic week here and now we are leaving to head to Lee's Ferry.  We have a permit to hike in Coyote Buttes South on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We are looking forward to exploring a whole new area of Arizona!  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista, Colorado

Steve & I decided (very last minute) to go over to Buena Vista for a "very short break" from his very busy tax season schedule.  The weather was SO nice that we decided to try out our "new" Toyota 4 Runner camper.  Steve built a platform in the back of the 4 Runner and we thought we would test it out.  We drove over to Buena Vista on Friday, March 27th and came home the next day,  It is only about a 2 3/4 hour drive from Longmont to Buena Vista. We have been going over to Buena Vista and Salida for many years.  At one point, we even owned some property in Mesa Antero and thought we woud build a house there and retire.  Now that we have decided that we like to travel so much in the Lazy Daze and camp and backpack, we have changed our minds about retiring to another town in Colorado. 

Our 36 hour getaway was wonderful!  We arrived in Buena Vista about noon on Friday and ate a picnic lunch and then hiked up the Midland trail from town.  This trail is one that we have done on our mountain bikes several times. Since we were hiking, we didn't take the bike trail, but ended up hiking straight up from the Arkansas river.  We went to the "top" and then had amazing views to the west looking down on BV and at all the Collegiate Peaks.  It was a beautiful, warm, Spring day.  That afternoon/evening we soaked at the Cottonwood Hot Springs.  We have gone there several times before.  We decided that it is much quieter if you go there during the week and not during Spring break. We ate dinner at the Eddyline Restaurant at South Main. The food and the beer were great!  We will definitely go back there!  Our biggest surprise of the day was driving down to Hecla Junction to camp and the campground was closed!  We always camp there. I guess they are renovating the campground.  We ended up driving back to Ruby Mountain campground.  SO..... the consensus on sleeping in the back of the 4 Runner is that we HAVE to get a softer pad.  Steve bought a gymnastics/wrestling mat and it is way too hard!  Well, at least we only had to sleep on it one night!  We have several camping trips planned for this summer when we will be sleeping in it many nights. 

On Saturday, we woke up and hiked right from the campground.  We did a loop hike in the Brown's Canyon Wilderness study area.  It was another beautiful hike.  We ate lunch at the Arkansas river and watched lots of fishermen and kayakers and rafters.  

All in all, a very relaxing, busy two days "away" from home.  It was a nice break for Steve.  We are looking forward to April 12th when we head back down to Arizona and pick up our Lazy Daze and take two weeks to come home.  We have lots of hiking and mountain biking and camping planned for that trip!